Sunday, 17 February 2013

Preparations for spring.

 Ayup, in this blog I'm going to show you all the seeds, sets & spuds I've been sowing planting and chitting in readiness for the growing season. I've had  go at all sorts of things but I'm trying to keep it to things me and the family like to eat. In all fairness I may be a little early with a few things but I'm lucky enough that i can keep most things in the conservatory until its warm enough put them out and it keeps me motivated to get the plot in shape quick sharp!

The first thing which I started around Christmas time were the Onions and Garlic both of which are good for over wintering. The Onions came in sets and the Garlic in bulbs which you break down in to its individual cloves. both are super easy to do 20 mins and your done.

The Onion sets i decided to start off in modules to try and give them the best possible start it dosent take long before there off and flying.
Same goes with the Garlic although they were in a big tray its the same principle the only problem was the roots got a little tangled up together.

Then as soon as I thought they were ready I transferred them into a pre prepared bed
At the same time as this I planted some in the garden borders and in a few pots outside just to see how they get on.

And they all look to be fairing up pretty well they've stood fast in all the crazy weather we've been having and there looking pretty good. At least the rabbits cant get there hands on them in my garden. which should spur me on to get the plot fenced and secure.

After I'd found these so successful I thought I'd have a go at other other onions and shallots, we do also eat a lot of them in our cooking at home so all round a good idea. but to give it a bit of a twist I'm going to be  growing some "exhibition Onions" for my local show.  The veriety I will be growing is "Kealsee" as these are grown by the guy whom get a lot of inspiration from @

This was the first sprout of what could be a
"champion Onion"

These I have started off in modules just a single seed in each in a mix of compost and vermiculite.

The shallots i have planted in individual pots as there really quite big. And I'm new to this but I thought a real bargain they were from a local Pound shop and i got 16 huge ones. I don't think you can go wrong @ that price.

As you can see both shallots and Onions are coming on great guns, if anything I'm not sure if the shallots are a little too far ahead?


I've got quite a few bits on the go at home here are a few pictures first off are the seeds which I've purchased there's a bit of all sorts  but in the pictures are Beetroot, Alpine Strawberry's, & 4 different varieties of tomatoes. There are also some sweet peppers and  Chilies (cheers Uncle Andrew) I'll keep you posted as to how all these get on over the season.


This is just a quick section I'm gonna dedicate to my asparagus which I have set off from seed. I really have no idea what I'm doing with these but the seeds were cheap so I thought why not. I've 4 Little tubs of these on the go at the minute I didn't think they were doing anything for ages then all of a sudden up thy popped and they haven't stopped since.

This is all in around 1-2 weeks so I'm looking forward to see what happens. If anyone has any good top tips on growing asparagus from seed post a comment or get in touch as I'd hate for these to end up in the compost bin.

So to finish off the last thing I'm on with  is chitting my potatoes. Which I'm sure your all doing I'm hoping to get some of these into tubs by the end of the week so I'll probably do a blog on that for ya.

That's pretty much it for now if there's anything you'd like me to have a go at or some particular pictures you might want to see just let me know.

Cheers Chris.

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  1. Flippin eck,
    theyre shooting up, I must say mate your little crop in your conny and your plot are making me really motivated and envious,
    Just need to find the time now to devote to the plot