Thursday, 14 February 2013

Old shed & the "mother load"

Now then today has been a big old milestone seen as I manage to get a bonus day on the plot yesterday  because the snow didn't arrive until dinnertime. Along with that as I got there so early I managed to collar the lady who brings her horse manure down to the site and she kindly put the full load on my plot Kerching!! before you start thinking that's just greedy its first come first serve and she delivers twice a week, it happens regularly and I just managed to get in first this time.
"The mother load" apparently all the guys swear by this stuff cos of its really high muck content. Instead of straw the farmers use chipped cardboard as its more absorbent and takes up less space.  

The two new Beds. The far one did get properly double dug and all that grass removed

The two new beds with there "poo blankets" on before the afternoons snow fall.

Removing the "Horrid Old Shed"

So as that was a massive bonus and has saved me loads of time I decided to spend  this morning tackling the "Horrid Old Shed" which is something I've been putting off for a long while dew to the weather among other things. But today was the day.

This is what I was faced with, like I've said before its been here for 30+ years and mended and bodged and mended again etc. and he wasn't shy with the nails there sticking out of it all over the place. So It's got to go and the sooner the better I can then get cracking with the poly tunnel!

So this is were I left it today I've managed to pile it all up in a way to keep most of it dry ready for a bonfire. unfortunately In and among the shed was quite a large amount of asbestos which the comity will arrange to get shifted and a whole load of thick rubber sheeting which I'm hoping will just disappear. I just honestly cant believe the sheer amount of material the old guy used to build a 5x3 shed! 

As a bit of a bonus though it was sat on top of two 9ft railway sleepers so I'm thinking i might try and knock something up with these not quite sure what yet so if you've any ideas let me know.

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