Sunday, 17 February 2013


Ayup, we had a big day this weekend with the ceremonial burning of the old shed. out with the old and in with the new was the cry. But rest assured I will be returning its ashes to the soil from whens they came.

This is what we were face with in the morning of course we shifted the asbestos straight away then set to work. 

First of me and Matthew went down it the morning at around 09:00 to get it started as I'd already built it it was just a case of scrunching up a load of old newspaper and stuffing it in all the nooks and crannies and letting it go, a job which Matthew reveled in of course.

Matthew extremely proud of his work.

And in a flash it was off and running which left us free to do a few other much needed jobs. And as if by magic my dad turned up. One of the things which has been on the back burner for a little while has been the shed door as its a two man job with it been a pretty heavy duty fire door and there will be a bit of tweaking to do. 

So in the absence of two men I set senior and his little helper on with that task with a firm brief of what was required. 


I then thought I'd check out the compost heap which has been there since I got the plot, well at first it was a big mound I'd tidied it all up and put all my cuttings on as I've tidied the palace up. I was just going to check it out and give it a turn over but when I got in there it was awesome stuff! loose friable just the job. All I had to do was dig it out and pick all the rubbish out, the guy before must have used it as a dumping ground there was loads of plastic, metal, bricks and stone.

The compost heap after we'd finished it was this whole aria 3 times as big as the new box, much too big and pretty scruffy a lot better now me thinks, I also added 6  bin liners full of leaves which i asked a road sweeper for during the Autumn I've still another dozen or so at home to add as it goes down a bit. 

So I delved in this lot and got cracking topping up a couple of the beds I had put manure in last week, easyosie. Up until we broke the wheel barrow we had been using. we did end up borrowing another which was a real help from Ken one of the guys on my row. Dad & Matthew did nip to a local shop that were selling plastic ones and they wanted £40 for them (I don't think so!) so my Dad has one at home hes going to bring down.

We also changed the middle bed slightly so that the path runs through in a bit of a dogleg (Matthews idea) but i do think it looks great another little bit of character and it'll be far better for the kids. You can also see in this pic just how good that compost looks. I never thought I'd ever be this excited about soil!
You can also see the railway sleepers which the old shed was sat on I'm still a little undecided what I'm going to do with them? I was thinking if I got a green house I could use them to build it on giving me some more height and a good base which to level ?

Lydia came down just in time to go and get us all some hard earned refreshments giving us chance for a wholesome  "family snap"
Matthew, Dad (Paul) Teddy, Ruby & Me (Chris)
With the fire smoldering & door almost there.

It wasn't long before the door was put to bed after I'd got "Bodgit & Scarper" to understand quickest and easiest wasn't what I was after. I was more than pleased with the end result there are a few bits I'm going to have to do, but that's mainly just aesthetics a bit of trimming up.  So Cheers guys great job!!

"Looking good" You can also see that I moved the 5 large planters to the front of the shed and we trimmed of the ends of the big bed in the bottom left of the picture.

So this is how we left it the old shed all but gone, two beds full of Yorkshires finest compost, the door on, a broken wheelbarrow, odd jobs done & a head full of ideas about what to do with the big space that's left and a DIY poly tunnel.

That's all for now. Cheers Chris.

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  1. Looks amazing,
    why o why can't I seem to have a productive day like that :-) probably cos i start 5 jobs at once and hardly ever finish them hahaha.