Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Allotment so far

Hi all, this is my first ever blog so am totally unsure of what to do and how best to go about it? so I'll give it my best shot. My blog is going to be about my allotment which I have now had for around 2 months in which time I have been tinkering strimming a little digging and sourcing / scrounging materials. This is mainly because the site I have been given is a total right off so there will be nothing much going in this year as I have to plan and build all I require. Along with getting the soil good and ready to plant next season.

These are a couple of pictures of the site after I had given it a good strim and double dug an area approx. 4x4 m which is really hard work by the way but all the guys I've talked to down there swear by the method and guarantee it's the best way to keep the weeds at bay, plus I don't really want to use any weed killer if I can help it.

The next job has been to get together things needed to build a shed as I can't bring myself to buy one from the likes of B&Q; they cost a bomb and from what I can see are made of match sticks. So I've had a look around and drew some inspiration from this site:/ It's deffo worth a look.

As of last night this is as far as we (me and my brother Matthew) got having run out of the large pallets we were using for the roof, this was unforeseen as we started building without any idea what it was going to look like we just went with the flow and went were the pallets took us.

Other things we have so far collected are. 

A roll and a bit of large diameter gas pipe which we intend to use for a poly tunnel.

And some old scaffolding poles which will also be used for the building of the tunnel. Before I started this project I thought that sourcing all the materials for free would have been a real struggle, especially during these tough times. But I have been pleasantly surprised by peoples' generosity and I now firmly believe if you don't ask you're not gonna get.

This is the sort of thing I'm looking at building as regards a poly tunnel, although I think I'm going to make mine larger than the one shown and will also try and make the sides higher to create some more all round height.

That's gonna be it for now. I will attempt to keep up to date with this and we'll see where it goes. Thanks Chris, Lydia, Teddy & Ruby (& Matthew)


  1. I like your 'pallet' shed - great idea.

    1. Hi Molly congratulations your my first ever comment and a great one it is too. thanks a lot im glad you like it have you seen the new one?